December 11teenth

I just deleted my old blogs and I’m starting over.

For the past few months, I’ve written nothing for public consumption, because I’ve felt that I had no right to express what I thought on the internet  when the world around me was going to utter fucking hell. Unfortunately the world is always , more or less, on its way to shite , and me shutting up in the face of that does exactly nothing. That’s how shit stays the same.


I’ll be writing here once a week at minimum. What I have to say won’t always be NPR-worthy content. It won’t always be funny, and it may be selfish, but it’s mine and because you are both a voyeuristic and espial and possibly just-ended-up-here-by-change-while-pooping kind of person, you’ll read.

I have to go to Target because I’m out of soymilk ,and the chairs in The prolific Oven are hurting my deadlift-sore butt-cheeks.

Hyphens forever,



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